Bone-in Ribeye on the Schwank Infrared Grill

Bone-in ribeye steaks on the Schwank Infrared Grill make for a restaurant quality meal in a matter of minutes.

Bone-in Ribeye on the Schwank Infrared Grill

A quick search online will yield hundreds, if not thousands, of search results showing you how to cook a ribeye steak. Everyone wants that steakhouse sear on the outside, but it can be hard to achieve if you don’t have the right skillset or equipment. The real issue most people have are producing consistent results without burning or overcooking the meat.

I have been putting my new Schwank Grill through its paces, cooking various proteins and trying different techniques to find a consistent workflow that can be replicated with awesome results. So far, we have cooked salmon, hot dogs, corn on the cob, and shrimp. In this article, we are going to cook large bone-in ribeyes to see if the Schwank Infrared “Steak Grill” can live up to its name.

Cook Details

Schwank Infrared "Steak" Grill
Schwank Infrared "Steak" Grill
  • (2) bone-in ribeyes weighing around 20oz each
  • No seasoning before cook. Salt and pepper after.
  • Butter, garlic, olive oil for drip pan
  • Jumbo shrimp
  • Corn on the cob
  • Schwank Infrared Grill
  • 15-20 min total cook time for steak
  • 10 min cook time for corn

If your outside grill is not quick and easy to start, you most likely won’t use it on a consistent basis. The Schwank Infrared Grill fires up to full temperature in about five minutes, about the time it takes you to walk inside and prepare the meat.

The overhead burners heat the all stainless grill grate and drip tray up to optimal levels, so you can do two tier cooking at the same time. Let’s take a look at how it all starts with the drip tray on the Schwank Grill.

Melting Butter, Garlic, and Olive Oil in Drip Tray

One of the best features of the Schwank Grill is the drip tray that sits below your food to catch all the rendered juices. These juices along with anything else you add will render down into a sauce that can be applied to the top of your steak, corn on the cob, or used as a dip for your shrimp. It really is one of the secret weapons of the Schwank Infrared Grill that is not found on other grills.

Shrimp Cooking in Schwank Grill Drip Tray

I decided to throw the shrimp in the drip tray at the beginning of the cook. This will give them time to slowly render in the garlic and butter as we cook our larger proteins on the top grill grate. As the larger proteins render out, the juices from the fat will fall down into the drip tray, only adding to the flavor.

Wagyu Sirloin on Schwank Infrared Grill

Before cooking the bone-in ribeyes, I threw on a Wagyu sirloin for another family member. The sirloin received a beautiful crust on top thanks to the overhead infrared burners. The drip tray below filled up with Wagyu fat drippings, which only added to the shrimp cook and the sauce topping we will be using later. Below is a short video of the Wagyu sirloin sizzling on the Schwank Grill.


Bone-in Ribeye’s on Schwank Grill

Beautifully marbled Prime bone-in ribeyes on Schwank Infrared Grill.
Beautifully marbled Prime bone-in ribeyes on Schwank Infrared Grill.

The bone-in ribeyes we cooked were around 20oz in size. We started off with the ribeyes naked with no seasoning. After putting them on the grill, we set the height setting on level 7 for about one minute per side to get that initial sear on the outside.

Thereafter, the ribeyes were lowered down to level 3 to finish cooking. Ribeyes this thick will continue to build a crust even after dropping them down to a lower setting.

Crust Building on Prime Bone-in Ribeyes

Beautiful crust starting to form on bone-in ribeyes on Schwank Infrared Grill.
Beautiful crust starting to form on bone-in ribeyes on Schwank Infrared Grill.

Our bone-in ribeyes were at level 3 for the remainder of the cook. Every 2-3 minutes, we flipped them over to get an even sear on both sides. The thick stainless-steel grate also helps render the meat as it is scorching hot sitting under the overhead burners. I used my temperature probe to determine doneness, so we didn’t overcook these beautiful cuts of meat.

Video: Bone-in Ribeye Sizzle on Schwank Grill


Everyone loves the sight of a sizzling steak. Above is a video I shot of the bone-in ribeyes sitting at level 3 as the outside is forming a beautiful crust. The level of control you have with the Schwank Grill height adjustment lever is nice because you can change the intensity of the cook quickly by moving the grill grate up and down.

Shrimp and Bone-in Ribeye on Grill Grate

As I was finishing off one of the bone-in ribeyes for a family member who likes it more well done, I moved the shrimp up to the grill grate to get a light sear. The upper grill grate is much hotter than the drip dray below. The grill grate actually blocks a lot of the heat from the drip tray area, which makes it convenient for slowly rendering more delicate items or keeping stuff warm.

Corn on the Cob on the Schwank Grill


There is a reason they call it popcorn. Listen to the corn on the cob sizzle and pop as it takes infrared heat from the overhead burners. When cooking corn, I set the height adjustment to level 5 which calms down the popping and reduces flareups from the overhead burners.

Once you start to see some good black color on the corn, you can rotate and keep cooking. It doesn’t take long to produce some good corn, and you can use the butter in the bottom tray to brush it on the corn at the end of the cook.

Plated Bone-in Ribeye with Shrimp and Corn

The bone-in ribeyes off the Schwank Infrared Grill were outstanding. The outside had a steakhouse quality crust without tasting burnt. The bone on this ribeye blackened up from the intense heat from the overhead burners, making for an even more flavorful steak.

Because I cooked the shrimp down in the drip tray, they were tender and full of flavor from the rendered fat juices falling from above. All the ingredients that ended up in the drip tray were poured back on the steak, shrimp, and corn, which added that last bit of savory goodness to an already amazing meal.