Duluth Cab Commander Car Seat Organizer Review

Using a car seat organizer like the Duluth Cab Commander will keep your stuff right within reach and off the floorboard of your vehicle.

Duluth Cab Commander Car Seat Organizer Review

If you work out of your vehicle, things can pile up quickly on your passenger seat. Running a business or managing projects means you will be required to carry paperwork, plans, brochures, color chips, file folders, and the everyday pen and paper.

Organizing all this stuff, so it doesn’t go flying on the floorboard when you slam on the brakes, will bring some sanity inside your vehicle. Every so often, a product comes along that transforms the way you work.

In this article, we take a closer look at the Duluth Cab Commander Car Seat Organizer and discuss why we feel it is a great addition for anyone who spends a lot of time in their vehicle.

Duluth Cab Commander Features

  • Tough 1200-denier polyester
  • Large padded main compartment for laptop, folders (12"W x 4"D x 13"H)
  • 10" side sleeves hold a Thermos, rolled up maps (4 1/4” diameter)
  • Lined cell phone pocket to protect your phone
  • Adjustable 1 1/2" strap fits around headrests
  • Unbuckles so you can carry it to the job site
  • Total dimensions: 14"W x 5"D x 17 3/4"H
  • Imported

Who is the Cab Commander For?

  • Real Estate agents
  • Job site superintendents
  • Salesmen
  • Hunting guides
  • Truck drivers
  • Business owners
  • Service technicians
  • Delivery drivers
  • Architects
  • Parents

The Duluth Cab Commander is great for anyone who needs to organize paperwork, brochures, color chips, pen and pencils, job site plans, business proposals, quotes, thermos, water bottle, or even supplies for the kids.

Anyone who spends time in their vehicle can benefit from having everything they need within reach. No longer will you be reaching down on the floorboard for all your most important stuff.

Seat Organizer Can Be Thrown Over Your Shoulder

If you have all your plans and paperwork in your Duluth Cab Commander organizer, you can easily remove it from the vehicle and throw it over your shoulder to bring it to a job site meeting. This gives you complete organization inside your vehicle and the flexibility to take it where you require it.

Keeps Items From Flying on Your Floorboard

For anyone who works out of their vehicle, there is nothing worse than watching all the stuff on your passenger seat go flying onto the floorboard five times a day. Once we started using the Duluth Cab Commander in all of our service vehicles, that became a thing of the past.

We carry heavy brochures, service stickers, metal paint color samples, ID tags, paper invoices, pens, and tape measures just to name a few. All of these items are neatly organized, which means they can be grabbed quickly and none of them end up on the floorboard or under the seat.

Car Seat Organizer is Easy to Move

Release buckle on Duluth Cab Commander seat organizer.
Release buckle on Duluth Cab Commander seat organizer.

The Duluth Cab Commander quickly attaches around the headrest on your seat. The strap includes a quick release buckle for easy installation and removal in case someone needs to sit in your front seat. This allows you to quickly move the seat organizer to your back seat or the trunk, which prevents you from having to gather all your items individually.

Front or Back Car Seat Organizer

If you have headrests in your back seat, the Duluth Cab Commander can easily be moved to the rear if someone needs to sit in your front passenger seat. When you move the car organizer, everything goes with it and stays in place, so there is no need to worry about losing items.

Seat Organizer on Back of the Front Seat

Duluth Cab Commander seat organizer mounted on the back of the drivers seat.
Duluth Cab Commander seat organizer mounted on the back of the drivers seat.

You can mount the Duluth Cab Commander on the back of a front seat if you choose, but the unit will most likely hang and move around since most front seats are tilted back. The Cab Commander does not include additional bottom straps to secure the organizer and prevent it from moving.

If mounting to the back of the front seat is important to you, you could purchase some small bungee cords and use a couple to secure the bottom of the organizer. Most front seats in vehicles have metal frames underneath that a bungee cord would easily attach to.

Trunk or Rear SUV Organizer

The Duluth Cab Commander can be used as a trunk organizer, but it will need to be strapped to something to keep it upright. The organizer will not sit upright on its own as it does not have a hard flat bottom.

If you can loop the headrest strap around something, it would be a great organizer for just about any space in your vehicle. The organizer would work great in a trunk or strapped to the side in the back of an SUV.

Car Seat Organizer for Tactical Gear

Many law enforcement professionals and enthusiasts spend a lot of time at the gun range. The Duluth Cab Commander seat organizer would be a great way to organize less valuable items like targets, eye and ear protection, empty magazines, rags, cleaners, and other accessories.

Attach Purse or Bag to Car Seat Organizer

You could attach a purse or any other bag to the Duluth Cab Commander seat organizer to prevent them from sliding off the front seat. Because the organizer is attached to the headrest, everything stays in place when making sudden stops while driving.

For instance, if you have small children, the Cab Commander could carry the essentials that always need to stay in the vehicle. A small portable bag can be secured to the front of the Cab Commander and be used on the go. Securing the portable bag to the Duluth Cab Commander while driving will keep everything together.

Cab Commander vs. Cab Commander 2.0

Here are some new features the Duluth Cab Commander 2.0 has over the original version we use.

  • Large padded, zippered sleeve holds up to a 17" widescreen laptop computer
  • Tape measure dock on in front of the bag does double duty as a bottle opener
  • The unit has a briefcase style lid that folds over and buckles, so it can be used more like a traditional messenger bag.

Since writing this article, it looks as if Duluth may no longer sell the Cab Commander 2.0 and now a similar version is being sold under the name Flip-Top Cab Commander.


The Duluth Cab Commander car seat organizer is one of those products you never think about. But that doesn’t mean it can’t change the way you work and play to keep everything organized. This simple product has kept our service truck more organized, and it allows us to easily see what we need for the day.

Because everything has a home, you will be able to quickly glance to see what’s missing and needs replenishing. You will also be able to quickly see if you didn’t put your tape measure or pen back on the organizer, which commonly happens when you’re busy. Being organized will save you time and money because you will always have what you need to complete the job.