Pick Up Where You Left Off on YouTube

YouTube is a great resource for information to learn about all kinds of subjects. Learn how to save your place so you can follow up on a video at a later time and date.

Pick Up Where You Left Off on YouTube

Do you like watching YouTube to learn? Maybe you take notes on various subjects that interest you. Here is a little trick to save your place on a video you may be watching and taking notes on.

Maybe you were interrupted or time got away from you and you need to finish it at a later date. This is a very simple, but extremely useful trick.

Click the Share Button

If you click the share button, a dialog box will pop up. Most people probably think the share button is only for when you want to share a video with someone else or on another platform. That is not always the case. It is a great way to grab the link for the video to be saved in your notes.

YouTube Share Dialog Box

This is the dialog box that pops up once you hit the share button. At the bottom left, there is a check box that says “Start at”. If you check this box, it will add some additional text to the end of the link to be copied.

The text circled in red in the picture above was added once I clicked on the “Start at” check box. The time 24:04 also came to the forefront showing me where the video will start. The next thing to do is copy the link.

If you click copy, your computer will copy the link into the clipboard. You can now paste this link anywhere you are taking notes. When this link is clicked at a later date, the YouTube video will open up at the exact location you left off allowing you to continue to take notes on whatever video you were watching. Pretty cool!