Keter Resin Adirondack Chair Review

Adirondack chairs have become a hot item in backyards everywhere. Let’s take a look at the Keter Resin Adirondack chairs offered from Sam’s Club.

Keter Resin Adirondack Chair Review

If you’ve searched for Adirondack chairs, you probably know they can be quite expensive. Exotic woods like teak, eucalyptus, and redwood can run anywhere from $300-$600 for one chair, which is out of the question for most people.

Plastics and resins have advanced to the point they are more sustainable in outdoor conditions, which makes them a perfect fit for Adirondack chairs. The Keter Company, who is legendary for making quality injection molded storage sheds and tool boxes, also makes resin outdoor furniture that is sustainable and weather resistant.

Their Wood-Look furniture can be found at Sam’s Club for a low price thanks to the buying volume of the large retailer. Let’s take a closer look at the Keter Resin Adirondack Chair, so you can determine if it's the right product for you.

Keter Adirondack Details

  • Model # 247093
  • Sam’s Club Item # 980253903
  • Purchased from Sam’s Club for $90 each
  • Available in Gray, Brown, Teal, White, and Red colors
  • Made from an all-weather resistant resin for ultimate durability
  • Weather-resistant polypropylene construction prevents fading, rusting, peeling and denting – unlike real wood
  • Quick & easy assembly
  • Rotating cup holder
  • Ergonomic design
  • Stainless steel, marine-grade hardware
  • 350 lb weight rating

Stainless-Steel Hardware

The Keter Resin Adirondack chairs from Sam’s come standard with stainless-steel hardware. Assembly of the chairs can be completed in 10 minutes with only a screwdriver. The assembly of the chair is well-thought-out, like most Keter products.

Gray Color

The light gray color of the Keter Adirondack chairs will blend in great with most surrounding landscapes. The muted color does not draw too much attention and allows the natural landscape of your backyard to shine. The gray color pairs well with the black and white colors of modern farmhouse, and it is right at home with the reds, tans, and beiges found in many rock and brick veneers today.


Adirondack chairs are legendary for comfort due to their laid back sloping design. The Keter Adirondack chairs are no different as the seat is wide, the back is high, and the arm rests are wide. I did notice the chairs sit a little deep, which could be a concern for people with shorter legs. But, overall, the comfort and stability are good.

Keter Adirondack Cup Holder

Swing out cup holder to hold your drink. The cup holder stores nicely under the armrest when not in use.
Swing out cup holder to hold your drink. The cup holder stores nicely under the armrest when not in use.

Surprisingly, these chairs also had a hidden cup holder. Even more incentive to purchase. Now, when I sip on a little IPA or other favorite beverage, I have a nice swivel cup holder to pull out and put my cup in. I felt like I skipped out of the store, I was so happy with my purchase.

I didn’t end up at Costco as it was Saturday and I wanted to get home and get these put together. Yes, they were in a box but only needed a few minutes of tightening some screws, and they were done.

Sam’s Club vs. Costco Adirondack Chairs

The Keter Adirondack chair seat back is thick and appears to be well constructed.
The Keter Adirondack chair seat back is thick and appears to be well constructed.

While shopping at the local Costco, I saw some Adirondack chairs made of a recycled plastic that resembles lumber in physical appearance, but has a lot longer life span than normal wood or even pressure treated wood. A spontaneous Saturday trip to Costco via Sam’s Club sent me in a different direction.

While at Sam’s several months ago, I remembered seeing some basically the same as Costco’s brand. I thought I’d look at their chairs first, then decide. I searched the lawn and garden area, and they were nowhere to be found.

These big stores don’t get second shipments normally of their items, so once the inventory is gone they may not get them back until the next season or not at all. So, I figured that is what happened with these chairs, and they were gone until next Spring.

As I was checking out, I noticed a small area in front that had “Summer” seasonal items. There they were! Nice manufactured plastic-wood Adirondack chairs.

The gray color was a lighter hue on these chairs than the ones I saw at Costco, but even more noticeable was the price… $50 per chair less for a total price of $90 per chair. Wow, that certainly got my attention. So on to research and compare.

I checked out the warranty, materials and other information the Keter box gave me. I wondered if I should just grab them and be done. Yes, instantly when I compared what was at Costco to these, I knew this would work.

Yay, no more rotting wood or, hopefully, cracking cheap plastic. I love sitting in those two chairs in my yard… just watching.

Keter Resin Adirondack Chair Quality

The questions on everyone's mind is how long will the Keter Adirondack chairs from Sam’s Club last? Well, only time will tell. The chairs are well constructed, like every other Keter product I have owned.

Keter is a company that has focused on resin and plastic products for years, and their reputation is legendary for making outstanding injection molded products. Overall, the product has a 4.3-star review out of 1289 reviews that were submitted on the Sam's Club website.

There were some 1-star reviews where people claimed the arm rest came loose from where it attaches to the seat back. We have not had our set of chairs long enough to determine on whether they will hold up over time. Once we get some time on them, we may update this article.

Other Plastic Adirondack Chairs We Have Purchased

Two different types of platic Adirondack chairs we have purchased over the years. The thin plastic seats start to crack over time.
Two different types of platic Adirondack chairs we have purchased over the years. The thin plastic seats start to crack over time.

I’ve purchased inexpensive Adirondack chairs from other large stores that are just thin plastic chairs. Probably somewhere around the $20-$40 per chair cost. It seemed like a smart purchase at the time. Unfortunately, they have dwindled to a couple of good ones hanging on and one that has a crack in the seat and at any moment one lucky person will be hitting the ground when it splits in half.

The Problem With Wood Adirondack Chairs

New wood adirondack chairs that eventually rotted out in under three years.
New wood adirondack chairs that eventually rotted out in under three years.

Several years ago, I purchased two all-wood chairs from our local pottery store. They were awesome chairs and heavy enough that they didn’t blow over with a small gust of wind. They were thick and looked like they would have lasted forever. Well, they didn’t.

Soon came the rotting boards, and once one of them started they all started. During a rainy season, they held water like a sponge and began to grow a garden of fungus. Soon we had to say goodbye and toss them out for kindling.

I’ve put some “other” chairs in their place, but the comfortable rest and recline of the Adirondacks were always missing. I like lounging. It’s hard to relax in a chair you have to sit up straight in and find someplace for your feet to be lifted.

Update 2024-Chair Cracked

After using the Keter Adirondack chairs for two years, we are sad to report that the seat of one of the chairs has cracked. The only thing I can attribute this to is the Texas heat which can be brutal. The chair is still useable, but the crack will pinch your legs if wearing shorts, and it is spreading as time goes on.


As I literally sit here in my new Keter Adirondack chairs from Sam’s Club, I think about the process for this whole purchase. Living in the rural part of the country, I wanted a chair I can sit and watch nature or feel warm summer breezes just sitting back relaxing and not worrying about how to sit in a chair comfortably.

The Adirondack has a style and a look that lures you to its seat. The tilted back and low to the ground profile provides no need for a recliner or an ottoman.

Just in the few days of having these chairs, I think they will be the ones to last longer than the rest. While I didn’t spend the extra, I think my decision was good, and we will have many seasons sitting in these wonderful Keter Adirondack chairs.

Now the lighter color against my farmhouse look and natural scenery of my home makes me feel like that was the better choice. These chairs off comfort, sustainability, and convenience for sipping a little ‘sumthin’ while enjoying the beauty of nature and country life. Ah… life is good.